Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had a great Halloween! Annie was a pig...go figure, huh! We took her to the pumpkin patch this afternoon. Then Kristy and Leo came over and we all (including my mom) walked down to the Halloween parade. There was a ton of people dressed up and trick-or-treating to all the stores on canal st. There was also a Halloween costume contest that you know my mom had to enter Annie in. Actually it was more like every kid there walking across the stage to show off their costume. Between my mom and I we took over 150 pictures today! Here are a few:

Barnyard friends!

Me and Annie at the pumpkin patch! We had to take off her costume after a few minutes b/c it was 90 degrees outside and her costume was made for 30 degree weather.

Annie and Nola on the stage showing off Annie's costume!

Me, Annie, Leo and Kristy

We took so many pictures of them together...Annie finally had enough and fell over! I think she got tired of sitting up! This picture caught it perfectly!

Annie liked the pumpkins!

Monster size baby!

Annie's favorite part about the wholed day was getting to chew on the hay around the pumpkins...she's holding a piece here.

This scarecrow is kind of scary!

Annie among all the pumpkin, sweating to death!

Leo was exhausted after the big halloween parade. He fell sounds asleep in his costume...I think this is the cutest picture!

My little piggy!

Happy Halloween from the Brocks!

Chick and Pig!

The cutest little chick!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Amber said...

It looks like ya'll had so much fun. Those are the cutest chick and pig that I have ever seen.