Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful day 2

Thankful day 2: Monday Night Football!
I love football, and consider myself a fan of the sport. However, most Monday nights, I would rather kick back and enjoy laughing to an episode of How I Met Your Mother. My husband usually groans at this, b/c there is always Pre-game shows on during this time! But tonight...well tonight...the Saints are playing the Monday Night Game!!! I woke up looking forward to 8:30 PM! If they win, they will be 7-0! Who Dat!!! I will have to catch this episode of How I Met Your Mother when they repeat it b/c I will be tuned in to the pre-game excited too!
(I will have to add my picture later! ;-)

On another note, I just had to post a picture of my precious boy sleeping at the table during lunch today. As soon as he sat down, he was starting to nod off and I knew that he wouldn't finish his grilled cheese sandwich before he fell asleep. Sure enough, with about 5 bites left, he gave in and fell asleep!

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