Monday, March 14, 2011

7 months!

At 7 months, my little Molly has a bad case of broncitis :-( This is the seond time in her short life that she has had it. We revolve our life around her nebulizer, that she takes 5-6 times a day. Its no fun, although she is a good sport about it and if I turn on the tv to occupy her, she will sit very still! (I tv until they are 2 right? I say whatever works!) She's coughing a lot at night, so our sleeping through the night has been put on hold for a little while!
Even with being sick, she is still smiley and loveable! She is eating well, but definitly not as interested in nursing as much. Probably b/c annie and Jesse are always around making silly faces at her or talking to her and they are much more fun to look at then nursing!

Molly was baptized in New Orleans a week before she made 7 months! Luckily the baptism gown that has been in the family for 64 years and was worn by my dad, his brother, and sister, me, my sister and all our cousins and now all 20 of the great grandkids still fit! We couldn't button it around the neck, but it fit! ;-)

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